Privacy Concerns

We care about your Privacy

Privacy is important to you. You are not alone. We thought of privacy from the very start, and designed our matrimonial site for a conservative society like Bangladesh.

  • Don't want to share the photo of your son or daughter online?
    • Today social media platforms make it easy to share photos with anyone. So, photos are not as sensitive as they used to be.
    • However, you are in control. We provide you the option to make the photo private. If you make it private, only people who get permission from you will be able to see that photo.
  • Don't want to share the name or even where you are located?
    • No problem! You are again in control.
    • You can make any field within the matrimonial profile private so that only people who get your permission can view them.
  • Don't want others to know your phone number?
    • We never give your phone numbers or email address of you or the birde/groom to anyone without your permission
    • When you give permission, other users can contact you via our secured Mailbox - they don't need to know your phone number - nobody can bother you when you want privacy
  • "I am a really conservative person, and I do not want anyone to identify my son/daughter without my permission", you wonder.
    1. Create a Profile
    2. Upload a photo
    3. Make the photo private
    4. Make the following fields private: name, location
    5. Do not write anything private in the "Introduction" field
View Detail Explanation of various privacy related features.